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Alarm & Pull Cord

Product Details

  • Easy to operate control panel with 2 LEDs: green for ‘on’, red for activated
  • Reset switch
  • Long pull cord with two red bangles for ease of grip
  • 12V DC Power supply
  • 90dbA
  • CE Certified
  • Can be connected to a 3A fused switched spur or plugged into a dedicated 3A fused, 13A plug and 230V AC supply socket
  • Designed to BS8300:2009 guidelines

Product Description

The AKW emergency audio alarm operates by a simple pull cord to allow users to raise an alarm from within a toilet or closed room. In standby mode the alarm shows a green ‘power on’ light. Once pulled, a flashing red ‘alarm’ light is triggered, along with an audio signal.

Product Variations

Alarm and Pull Cord

Specification Sheets

Alarm System Specification

Shower Doc M Specification

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