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Auxiliary Pump Switch

Product Details

  • All AKW DigiPumps┬« can be turned on externally with the on/off switch
  • A press retractive switch that contains an internal spring so that it automatically resets back to OFF upon release
  • A wall mounted switch that works in conjunction with the pump without the need to turn the shower on
  • The pumps software has been redesigned and upgraded to accept the cable for the switch for easy connection and installation
  • Only a momentary electrical signal is required to activate the pump
  • To facilitate cleaning and support water drainage when excess water drainage is needed

Product Description

The Auxillary Pump Switch is designed to activate the pump to drain water away without the need to turn on the shower. This helps facilitate cleaning and excess water drainage.

Specification Sheets

DigiPump Brochure

Auxiliary Pump Switch Spec Sheet

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