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Closomat Palma Vita & Palma Life™

Product Details

+ Unique ‘hands free’ system operates the Palma Vita’s flushing, warm water washing & warm air drying functions by just pressing & releasing the elbow pad
+ Now with an aesthethetically pleasing design including telescopic skirt to cover plinth and a continuous bowl cover
+ Simultaneous flushing & washing feature improves personal hygiene as it cleans with water not paper
+ Can be used at all times as a conventional WC
+ Combines a WC & bidet with the addition of drying air
+ User-friendly system guarantees the most hygienic toilet performance
+ UK made in a dedicated factory
+ Customised to suit individual needs
+ Installation & service support available

Product Description

The Closomat Palma Vita wash and dry shower toilet provides flushing, washing & warm air drying from one simple operation. It is user friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands. By reducing hand contact, it also provides improved hygiene for all users.

Product Variations

Palma Vita Standard Spray Douche Arm
Palma Vita Extended Spray Douche Arm
Palma Vita Extended Twin Spray Douche Arm
Palma Life Standard Spray Douche Arm
Palma Life Extended Spray Douche Arm
Palma Life Extended Twin Spray Douche Arm

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet

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