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Plumbing Fittings

End Feed

Product Details

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and adaptable to suit a range of plumbing applications
  • Provides a robust and leak-free system, when installed correctly
  • Possibly some spares to leave in toolbox for future installations

Product Description

End Feed fittings are used for connecting copper piping and provide a robust and economical option for plumbing installations. Copper piping and joins are suitable in plumbing applications for both hot and cold-water supplies. Connections are made by applying flux and a heat source to reach a suitable temperature, then adding solder around the joint to seal.

+ Simple and cost-effective method of jointing copper tubes
+ Suitable for use above ground as well as on hot or cold domestic systems
+ Strong and sturdy
+ Available in packs of 5

Product Variations

15mm End Feed Street Elbows x 5
15mm End Feed Equal Tees x 5
15mm x 3m Copper Pipes
15mm x Copper Stop Ends x 5
22mm - 15mm End Feed Reducers x 5
15mm Pipe Clips x 100
15mm End Feed Straight Couplings x 5
15mm End Feed Elbows x 5
Pipe Clip Spacers x 100

Specification Sheets

End Feed Spec Sheet

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