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Flat Coloured Tiles

Product Details

  • Digitally printed finishes, meaning a consistent finish on all tiles
  • Ceramic material, which is extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Suitable for all indoor rooms; domestic and commercial.
  • The reverse face of the tile is beige in colour. This helps maintain the consistency of the finish

Product Description

  • Aesthetically pleasing tiled spaces
  • Unlikely that the tiles will crack or chip
  • Improving the installation experience and efficiency
  • Some cheaper tiles have darker colours which suggests their finish is not as superior

Product Variations

Flat Aspendos Light Grey 400x250mm (1.4msq) 14pk
Flat Grey Cloud 400x250mm (1.4msq) 14pk
Flat Palace Cream 400x250mm (1.4msq) 14pk
Flat Gloss Plain White 400x250mm (1.4msq) 14pk

Specification Sheets

Flat, Coloured Tiles Spec Sheet

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