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Floor To Ceiling Grab Pole

Product Details

+ Connects to the glass shower screen to act as a grab rail & provide additional stability for a user when entering or exiting the shower area

+ 32mm diameter, cut to length, stainless steel

+ 2500mm & 5500mm length options available

+ Solid brass, chrome plated lugs are rebated to accept an 8mm shower screen

+ Internal floor fixing & external ceiling fixing with 80mm diameter shroud

+Gap between floor to ceiling grab pole and screen edge: 40mm

+ Ideal for use or retro-fitting to an Opulence Wet Room Shower Screen or similar plain edged, 8mm shower screen

+ Projection from edge of glass shower screen to outer edge of pole = 72mm

+  Can be cut to required floor to ceiling height (cut from the top down)

+ Shower Screen supplied separately

+ UK CA & CE Approved as a grab rail

Product Description

2500mm or 5500mm in length, 32mm diameter, stainless steel Opulence Grab Pole connects to the edge of an 8mm shower screen to offer additional stability for elderly or less able people when entering or exiting an easy-access shower.

Product Variations

2500mm Floor-to-Ceiling Grab Pole
5500mm Floor-to-Ceiling Grab Pole

Specification Sheets

Floor to Ceiling Grab Pole specification sheet

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