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Doc M Pack 2 – Fully Compliant Low-Level Doc M Pack

Product Details

  • Rimless toilet pan offers improved hygiene levels by reducing the build-up of bacteria and making cleaning easier
  • 480mm raised-height, back-to-wall toilet pan (height with seat affixed) complies with Doc M guidelines and aids with side transfer
  • Blue ergonomic toilet seat (without lid) is shaped for comfort and easy cleaning, comes with seat lugs for stability when side transferring, and softclose hinges for safety
  • Designed for use with the low-level cistern with lever handle, flush pipe and padded back rest which offers user comfort
  • Low-level lever flush cistern can be easily operated by hand, closed fist, or elbow – ideal for those with limited dexterity – with a screw-down lid for added security and safety in public facilities
  • 3/6 litre flush options increase performance and water efficiency
  • Two tap hole finger rinse wash basin for flexibility when installing – blanking plug supplied
  • TMV3 approved thermostatic mixer tap with lever handle prevents scalding
  • Blue contrasting grab rails feature a fluted uPVC finish which offers superb grip even when wet, and can support loads of up to 15.5st (100kg)
  • Blue fold-up rail offers high colour contrast, supports loads of 30st (200kg), features an adjustable leg and optional toilet roll holder, is finished with an epoxy resin coating and treated with a rust inhibitor for longevity
  • Shelves feature round corners to reduce injury in the event of a trip or fall
  • Blue clothes hooks for high colour contrast
  • Alarm pull cord with long pull cord and two bangles for grip
  • Lever-operated soap dispenser is easy to use with an elbow or closed fist
  • Paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers are both lockable
  • Hand dryer with high output element for rapid drying
  • Components individually packaged in recyclable materials to prevent damage during transit
Pack 2
Pack 2

Product Description

An alternative to installing a close-coupled WC, this pack includes everything needed to install a fully compliant low-level WC, as well as a finger rinse wash basin with thermostatic mixer tap, a selection of grab rails able to support up to 30st (200kg), and our Doc M accessory pack.

Product Variations

Fully Compliant Low-Level Doc M Pack – Fluted Blue

Specification Sheets

Doc M Brochure

Fully Compliant Low-Level Doc M Pack 2 Specification

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