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Isolating Valves

Product Details

  • A flat head screwdriver makes it easy for installers and end users to operate
  • When installed allows isolation prior to servicing equipment
  • This offers a full package to installers and also allows some spares to leave in toolbox for future installations

Product Description

Isolating valves control the flow of water from the mains to a water service pipe. This is an ideal solution for isolating feeds for possible maintenance, without the need to shut the water off at the mains. The valve is easy for installers and end users to operate as it can be opened and closed using a flat head screwdriver.

+ Only tool required to operate the open/shut valve is a flat head screwdriver
+ Quick and easy isolation
+ Available in packs of 5

Product Variations

15mm Compression Full Bore Isolating Valves x 5
15mm Compression Isolating Valves x 5
15mm Compression Isolating Elbow x 5

Specification Sheets

Isolating Valves Spec Sheet

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