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LED Light – Dimming Sensor and Emergency Function

Product Details

  •  Adjustable daylight sensor – The light can be set to sense the level of daylight and not turn on if the room is at a suitable light level. Adjustable depending on the environment and needs of the user.
  •  Adjustable stand by time for dim function.
  •  3 Settings for stand by time and dim function.

Product Description

LED light with adjustable movement and dimming sensor functionality, with the additional feature of an emergency backup ensure the light keeps working in the event of a power shortage, so users are not left in the dark.

Emergency Function – In the event of a power shortage a backup will maintain the functionality of the light (up to 2hrs) to avoid users being left in darkness. The light does not just automatically shut off if there is no movement and stationary users aren’t left in the dark.

Movement Sensor – Automatically comes on when movement is detected, to eliminate the need for a switch, which can be difficult to operate by users with certain conditions. This is integral in the light.

Dimming and shut off sensor – Dimming and shut off sensor stops the light being left on while not in use, saving electricity and prolonging the lifetime of the product and the bulb.

Product Variations

LED Light – Dimming and Emergency Function

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