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Navlin Doc M Close-Coupled Pan, Cistern & Ergonomic Seat

Product Details

  • Rimless toilet pan offers improved hygiene levels by reducing the build-up of bacteria and making cleaning easier
  • Toilet pan is available with a 650mm or 750mm projection to aid with side transfer from a wheelchair
  • 480mm raised-height toilet pan (height with seat affixed) complies with Doc M guidelines and makes it easier for less mobile users to lower/rise from the toilet
  • Rounded edges and corners reduce the risk of injury in the event of a trip or fall
  • Pan can support up to 60st (400kg) as per BS EN 997 requirements, to support a wide variety of users
  • Wider pan footprint for increased stability when side transfers to/from a wheelchair
  • 3/6 litre flush options increase performance and water efficiency
  • Available with a raised push button or lever flush, both of which ensure the WC can be easily operated by hand, closed fist or elbow
  • Bottom inlet water connection simplifies pipework
  • Overflow pipe is 300mm above pan rim, fully complying with current UK Water Regulations
  • Cistern is fitted with a top-fill inlet valve that has an all-round air gap which is fully compliant with current UK Water Regulations
  • Horizontal outlet waste connection for easy installation and maintenance
  • Includes easy-to-secure, four-point, side-entry floor fixings which reduce the build-up of dust and bacteria, are easier to clean, and are supplied with white cosmetic caps to prevent rusting
  • BS EN 997 approved toilet pan for guaranteed flush performance Ergonomic toilet seats (available with or without lid) are shaped for comfort and easy cleaning, come with seat lugs for stability when side transferring, soft-close hinges for safety, can support up to 47st (300kg), and comes in a choice of colours to benefit the visually impaired or those with dementia
  • Toilet pan, cistern (inc. flush mechanism) and seat are supplied separately for additional flexibility when specifying
  • Components individually packaged in recyclable materials to prevent damage during transit

Product Description

Our Navlin Doc M close-coupled WC benefits from a raised-height, rimless toilet pan available with standard or extended projection which has been designed for use within our Doc M washroom packs. Complete your WC with a fully compliant, watersaving cistern and a choice of flush and seat options. AKW Navlin and Navlin Doc M sanitaryware ranges have been designed with compatibility in mind, allowing you to create a contemporary bathroom that expertly caters to a variety of needs.

Product Variations

Navlin Doc M Raised-Height Close-Coupled Toilet Pan (650mm)
Navlin Doc M Raised-Height Close-Coupled Toilet Pan (750mm)
Navlin Doc M Cistern with Lever Flush & Screw-Down Lid
Navlin Cistern with Raised Push Button Flush
Ergonomic Toilet Seat with Lid – Blue
Ergonomic Toilet Seat without Lid – Blue
Ergonomic Toilet Seat with Lid – White
Ergonomic Toilet Seat without Lid – White
Ergonomic Toilet Seat without Lid – Dark Blue
Ergonomic Toilet Seat with Lid – Dark Blue
Ergonomic Toilet Seat with Lid – Mid-Grey
Ergonomic Toilet Seat without Lid – Mid-Grey

Specification Sheets

Navlin DOC M Brochure

Specification Sheet

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