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Safety Flooring

Product Details

  • Please note: AKW safety flooring is suitable for domestic bathrooms and is not for commercial use
  • Eight contemporary, dementia-friendly accredited colours to choose from, seven of which have achieved the highest rating (1a) following a review by the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling
  • AKW Safety Flooring has achieved the highest slip resistance rating for barefoot users in wet and soapy environments.
  • Light Reflective Value – range includes plain colours to help you achieve high contrast in care environments.
  • Suitable for users with Dementia as there are no large speckles in the flooring, which can cause confusion.
  • Watertight, impervious surface – fully bonded system that liquids cannot penetrate and has nowhere for the bacteria to go.
  • Easy to clean surface limits the build up of limescale.
  • Long-Lasting – provides you with 10 years of guaranteed slip resistant flooring (if installed to manufacturer specification).
  • PVC floor covering with glass fibre reinforced polyester cellulose backing – allows it to be used with underfloor heating.
  • Phthalate free – plasticisers are based on natural resources.
  • Cut to order 0.5m increments x 2m width, or available in 20m x 2m rolls.

Product Description

AKW NEW! Safety Flooring comes in a wide range of stylish colours and in a wet room installation, safety flooring is used to provide a slip-resistant surface and to create a hygienic and safe environment for a wide range of users. AKW Safety Flooring provides the same level of slip resistance in both wet or dry conditions, regardless of whether the user is wearing shoes or barefoot. This has been thoroughly tested in a variety of high-risk conditions.

Please note: AKW safety flooring is suitable for domestic bathrooms and is not for commercial use

Product Variations

Safety Flooring – Beige (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Beige (20m roll)
Safety Flooring – Cement (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Cement (20m roll)
Safety Flooring – Dove (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Dove (20m roll)
Safety Flooring – Dusk (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Dusk (20m roll)
Safety Flooring – Ivory (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Ivory (20m roll)
Safety Flooring – Wedgewood (0.5m increments)
Safety Flooring – Wedgewood (20m roll)

Specification Sheets

Safety Flooring Brochure

Safety Flooring Spec Sheet

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