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Sensor Flush

Product Details

+ Infrared sensor detects movement and operates flush valve as required

+ Offers more hygenic, contact-free flushing compared to traditional lever or button flushes, making it ideal for use in multi-user environments

+ Hands-free operation can be utilized by those with limited dexterity, and can be easily used with a hand, closed fist or elbow

+ Infrared symbol on the sensor indicates contact-free use

+ Sensor is located in the center of the cistern lid for non-handed use

+ Low-depth external sensor is easy to clean with fewer crevices which could harbor dust, dirt, and bacteria

+ Battery operated yet flush can still be used if the batteries expire, simply press down like a button flush

+ 10-year warranty on flush fittings

+ 3-year warranty on electronic sensor

Product Description

The Sensor Flush uses infrared sensors to detect motion above the cistern and flush the toilet in response. This automatic function reduces the need for physical contact, which is not only more hygienic for the user but is also considerably easier for those with limited dexterity to operate. Available separately, the sensor flush is compatible with Navlin and Livenza Plus cisterns with the raised push-button flush operation and can be easily installed in place of the push-button mechanism.

Product Variations

Sensor Flush
Navlin Cistern with Raised Push Button Flush
Livenza Plus Cistern with Raised Push Button Flush

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet

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