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Shower Niches

Product Details

  • Recess niches into the wall alongside wall panels or tiles for a discrete, integrated finish.
  • Lightweight, one-piece construction for quick and easy installation.
  • Manufactured from SMC for durability and strength.
  • Available in white (all size options) with a glossy finish, or black (full-height option only) with a matt finish, for a bold contemporary look.
  • Double and triple shelf, and full height niche options are available to suit a variety of user and installation requirements.
  • Shelves feature 1–2˚ angled slope which prevents water from collecting and makes it easy to clean.

Product Description

AKW shower niches are one-piece shelves constructed from SMC that are designed to be recessed into the wall to create a modern and discrete storage space for all your bathing and showering essentials. Available in three sizes to suit your installation and spatial requirements, AKW shower niches are perfect for use alongside our range of stylish wall panels or ceramic bathroom tiles. They are incredibly quick to install, making it easy to create extra storage which also offers a highly contemporary aesthetic.

Product Variations

Shower Niche 3 Shelf Black 1900mm x 356mm
Shower Niche 3 Shelf White 1900mm x 356mm
Shower Niche 3 Shelf White 991mm x 406mm
Shower Niche 2 Shelf White 687mm x 406mm

Specification Sheets

Shower Niche Specification Sheet

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