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Sulby 2 1700x700x110mm Tray – no waste included (110mm high)

Product Details

  • Many flexible features make for simple fitting
  • Ensures a water tight fixing to the wall
  • No messy pipework, improving the look
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No need to excavate the floor

Product Description

+ Constructed of hand laid fibre glass, double thickness, encapsulated sterling board and steel reinforcing sections
+ Tray 110mm high
+ 30 stone load bearing on tray
+ Non handed
+ Option for Gravity or Pumped wastes
+ Tray hollow underneath to give area to hide (re-direct) existing pipe work runs
+ Supplied with separate aluminium tiling upstand
+ Can be installed on timber and concrete floors
+ 8 different stock sizes
+ ABS Gravity waste accepts 40 & 43mm pipe to BS EN 1455-1
+ 4 different pre-jigged waste exit points underneath the tray
+ 30mm flat area on external edge of tray, allowing screens to close onto a flat area
+ Pipe ducts available
+ Additional 45mm step available

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