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Product Details

Tile Edge 8mm Plastic 3mtr (pack of 10)

Installing a tile edge trim is an aesthetically pleasing method used to cover exposed tiles edges.



  • Designed for the protection of tiled edges
  • Tile edge available in matte white colour
  • Rounded shape finish on the tile edge



  • The edge trim offers an elegant and durable finish to tiles, concealing any exposed tile edges which can be subject to damage and generally look unfinished.
  • Blends in by matchingthe white tiles being installed.
  • Offers a softer finish on the edge of the tiling,giving it a smart and professional look.

SKU : 30072



Tile to Vinyl Floor Transition Strip 3mtr (Pack of 10)

Installing a transition strip offers a smooth transition between tiles and flooring.



  • Transition Strip



  • For a smooth transition between tiles and flooring. The tiles sit on top of the strip, with a lip for the flooring to be inserted into. Available in white.

SKU : 30073

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