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22 Feb 2017

Do you have a project or customer that needs an accessible kitchen? AKW Specialise in finding a solution

- Written by Ash Bath

Do you have a project or customer that needs an accessible kitchen? If the answer is yes then look no further. AKW specialise in finding a solution – the result? A fully inclusive, accessible kitchen that the whole family can use.

To start the process, AKW has a specialist surveying team that covers the whole of the UK. Within 5 working days of a site visit, AKW provide a 3D computer aided drawing of your kitchen. This ensures that the installer knows exactly where and at what height to install each item. No other manufacturer supplies the detailed drawings than they do.

AKW Independence kitchens come in a wide range of colours and are fully assembled when delivered to site. The cabinets are made from 18mm MFC for strength and durability. Their ActivMotion rise and fall units, once ordered can be delivered to site within 7-10 working days.

AKW offer a range of special accessories to complete the kitchen and they incorporate inclusive design at every stage. From the type of unit to the layout of the room, AKW creates accessible kitchens which support independent living and at the same time look amazing. That is why AKW is so widely recommended by occupational therapists, local authorities and housing associations.

To find out more about AKW kitchens you can view the brochure here


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