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23 May 2016

Remote control showers to assist carers

- Written by Ash Bath

Remote control showers to assist carers

One of the saddest aspects for people with mobility problems is loss of dignity. It’s frustrating being unable to manage everyday tasks without help; having someone else present during personal matters such as showering can sometimes be embarrassing.

Maintaining dignity, safely

AKW, the market leader in showering and daily living solutions for those with mobility problems, has produced the AKW SmartCare Plus shower to tackle precisely this issue. If you haven’t installed one yet, it’s highly likely you’ll be asked to fit one soon.

Remote control for carers

While there are other showers designed for those with physical disabilities, the AKW SmartCare Plus shower offers a unique benefit: a remote control which works up to 10 metres away. It can be activated by wireless remote control or iPhone app, so the carer can supervise the user’s shower temperature and flow without being physically present. The user is able to shower on their own, and preserve their dignity and self-esteem.

The wireless remote control features large, tactile buttons for power, temperature and flow. While it can be used handheld, it’s designed to be wall-mounted – either temporarily using supplied suction cups, or permanently.

Comprehensive app

The AKW iShower iPhone app offers these features and more. There’s a ‘wake-up alarm/shower on’ function so the shower is ready before the user gets out of bed, and a ‘shower ready’ notification when it reaches the desired temperature.

Additionally, carers can set up and save several temperature and flow profiles; a very useful feature for residential homes where several users may share a shower room.

Key safety features

The AKW SmartCare Plus shower incorporates several key safety features, which earn it BEAB Care Certification, for use by people in care situations. Phased Shutdown flushes all residual hot water from the unit and hose after use, to make it safe for the next user. It shuts down automatically if the cold water supply fails or if the shower has been running for 30 minutes continually.

Designed for easy installation

AKW SmartCare Plus is a major advance compared to other showers, so many of your installations  will be replacing older, conventional units. Recognising this, AKW SmartCare Plus has a retrofit footprint that covers most manufacturers’ models, so you can use existing tiling, wiring and pipework. There are eight potential water entry points and eight electrical entry points, with wiring on the left or right inside the case, providing ultimate flexibility.

The AKW SmartCare Plus shower also connects wirelessly to any of the digital shower waste pumps in the AKW range, for simple and efficient operation.

Full technical support

The AKW SmartCare Plus shower is available in 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW outputs. It has a three year warranty and AKW’s team of Technical Customer Support Assistants will be ready to answer your technical and installation enquiries by phone and email.

Easy to install, simple to use and a major step forward in ensuring users enjoy dignity and privacy while showering in safety, the AKW SmartCare Plus shower is a unit you’ll soon be very familiar with.

For more information about AKW AKW SmartCare Plus showers, just call one of our experts on 01905 823299 or email sales@akw-ltd.co.uk

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