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25 Jul 2016

Standard and Silverdale range extension

- Written by Ash Bath

Here at AKW we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have with all of our clients, this is why when you ask for something we try our very best to provide for you. Recently, demand has risen for our screens and in particular our ‘Made to Measure’ screens. If you are not aware, ‘Made to Measure’ is our customisable service where we manufacture and supply bespoke custom screens suitable for almost every bathroom environment. As we all know “off the shelf” products do not always work for everybody and here at AKW we are passionate about providing our clients with a product that they can trust and use repeatedly in confidence.

We have acknowledged this demand and have decided to make the 35 most popular ‘Made to Measure’ screen size available as a part of our standard stock. Within the new additional 35 screens, there are different variations of Standard and Silverdale screen.




You may ask how does this benefit me? Well, as these screens are now a part of our standard stock it means that they are available to buy now on our online store with next day delivery. You wi
ll no longer have to wait a minimum of 5 days for the screen to be manufactured, as soon as your order is processed your screen can be dispatched.

By adding these products to our standard inventory it now gives you a wider choice of Standard and Silverdale screens.

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