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10 May 2018

Top 10 Products to Adapt Your Bathroom

- Written by Chris

An inclusively-designed bathroom or wet room, with appropriately specified equipment, has a host of benefits; from promoting independence and improving dexterity to assisting in the prevention of falls. Here at AKW we have come up with a go-to list of the top 10 products to adapt your bathroom.

1. Level Access Showering Enclosure

Walk in baths are an option for independent living, but they tend to be expensive. Level access wet rooms are a more cost-effective alternative that removes any trip hazards for users and make the most of the space within the bathroom. A water tight wet room be created using high-quality wet room formers such as those from AKW.

2. Grab Rails

The most obvious way to reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom is to install grab rails. Grab rails need to be thoughtfully placed to suit the need of the user. It is important to also consider what objects someone may instinctively grab if they were to fall, radiators and shower rails are just some of the things that somebody falling may grab to help them.

3. Shower Seat

An AKW shower seat lowers the likelihood of slips and falls by providing a comfortable position to shower in, sitting down. We believe shower seats should be sturdy, comfortable and secure. There are many different types of shower seats, for different needs.

4. Care Shower

A Care shower offers unrivalled levels of safety, control and ease-of-use. Thermostatic control and a riser rail that doubles up as a grab rail are a must. Technical innovations such as a wireless remote control and Smartphone app, encourage independence.

5. Shower Screen

When it comes to accommodating space, here at AKW we have so many different options in both glass and plastic at both full and half height. When it comes to glass screens our Larenco range can be tailored and adapted to fit any space in any sized room.

6. Low Surface Temperature Radiator

AKW offer LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiators that are cool to the touch however they are just as efficient as a conventional radiator.

7. Raised Height Toilet

A raised height toilet with a drop-down rail make the process of getting on, off and using the toilet safer and more comfortable.

8. Wall Panels

Wall panels fulfil all the requirements of tiles but with none of the stress. Our wall panels will fit beautifully into any bathroom, whatever the preferred style, leaving you able to design and create your ideal space.

9. LED Lighting

Brighter is better, in bathrooms where mobility is an issue high levels of light reduce the risk of falling. Where ever possible try and leave the light on overnight, worried about high energy bills? If the latest in highly efficient LED lighting is used these worries can be put to rest.

10. Wash and Dry Toilet

A wash and dry toilet can leave users feeling clean, fresh and improve their sense of well-being. The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Care incorporates a simple to use shower, dryer and odour extraction. It provides an all-round cleaner, comfortable and more hygienic experience which is easy to operate and virtually touch-free. So, there you have it, our top 10 products! There are a whole host of products out there that help promote independence for individuals, most of which you can find on our website here. Alternatively, order yourself a FREE 2018 catalogue here for more information on the above go-to products for an adapted bathroom. We’ve love to hear from you if we are missing products? Send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add the best suggestions in!

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