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Choosing safety bathroom flooring and wall panels for the bathroom

The bathroom is often where we go to relax and unwind, so we all want this space to be beautiful right? This is why it is important to make sure it looks good as well as being practical and accessible. With AKW, it is easy to make this possible.

Our safety bathroom flooring offers a range of eight dementia-friendly accredited contemporary colours to choose from with several other benefits and our wall panels boast a variety of features to improve your bathroom.

Safety flooring

Safety bathroom Flooring comes in a wide range of stylish colours and in a wet room installation, safety flooring is used to provide a slip-resistant surface and to create a hygienic and safe environment for a wide range of users.

AKW Safety Flooring provides the same level of slip resistance in both wet or dry conditions, regardless of whether the user is wearing shoes or barefoot. This has been thoroughly tested in a variety of high-risk conditions.

They feature an easy and quick to clean surface which limits the build-up of limescale. It’s also long lasting, as they provide the user with 10 years of guaranteed slip resistant flooring.

The above, along with countless other benefits, means that if you need safe bathroom flooring for your bathroom, look no further than AKW.

Wall panels

There are several benefits when it comes to installing wall panels, some of them being:
  • Cost effective – On average it will be 25% cheaper to install wall panels than it would be installing tiles, mainly because our bathroom wall panels do not require specialist tilers. They also last much longer meaning further savings on the full life cost.
  • No more mould – There’s no grout used with our panels, so that means no more mould
  • Quick to fit – AKW wall panels are much quicker to fit than tiles which saves you money and effort of getting someone to do the job, and as it is done quicker it means you will have your new and improved bathroom sooner
  • Watertight guarantee – A selection of our panels are now available in a patented Antibacterial Coating. This is incorporated into the panel during the production process and means once bacteria comes into contact with the surface, the bacteria dies.

Tiles & accessories

As well as wall panels and safety flooring, we also have several tiles and accessories available if that is your preferred route. We have a variety of different coloured tiles as well as Mosiac border tiles for you to choose from to really finish the job.

If you are looking for tile adhesive and grout, tile backer boards or any other accessories, we have that too, along with solid and secure CLS timber available, ideal for structural work such as floor supports, noggins or stud work for partitioned walls.

We are your one stop shop for the entire bathroom.


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