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01 Apr 2022

Wall Panels: Back to Basics

- Written by AKW Ltd

Last year we sold 16,000 wall panels and expect to see more heading out of our doors throughout 2022, so why should you be considering using these in your bathroom installations instead of, or even alongside traditional tiles?

The biggest benefit to you right now is that you’ll be able to get hold of wall panels much easier this year, with the production of tiles slowing down thanks to the increase in global energy costs.

However, there are plenty of other reasons why wall panels are becoming ever more popular in the UK, such as the reduced long-term cost, ease of installation, and the low amount maintenance required to keep them looking their best.

So what exactly are wall panels? Scroll down to find out…

Wall Panels

Wall panels in our Marlbrook and Origins collections feature a WPS plywood substrate core coated with a laminate to provide a durable, waterproof finish that looks great and will stand the test of time.

The printed paper design is impregnated with phenolic and melamine resins, dried and compressed to form a hard-wearing, high pressure-laminate coating.

The plywood core also makes wall panels ideal in adapted bathrooms because the structural-grade material can support grab rails, shower seats, electric and mixer showers, screens etc.

Many wall panels feature a straight edge finish, which means that when installing several panels across one straight wall, you’ll need additional profiles to seal the join between them.

Origins wall panels are extra clever and incorporate a tongue and groove click system which provides a subtle, seamless finish, and is an alternative to installing two panels along the same wall with a straight joint profile.


Profiles & Extrusions

Profiles help with ensuring there is the waterproof seal around the showering or bathing area. We offer a wide variety of profiles and extrusions, which can trimmed down to size as required, and should assist with any installation challenges you may face.

Below is a selection of the profiles we offer; a range of bottom profiles is available to help create a neat join between wall panels and a shower tray or bath, vinyl safety flooring, and floor tiles.



This will help join two panels together along a straight wall if you’re installing square edged panels.

Internal Corner

This profile will allow you to join two wall panels together when they meet on an inward facing corner.

External Corner

This will allow you to join two wall panels together when they meet on an externally facing corner.

End Cap

If wall panels are not being installed across every wall, this will provide a neat finish for the panel end.

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