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15 Mar 2023

Water Saving Products from AKW

- Written by Connor

With sustainability and the cost of living being such prevalent topics in the news of late, it’s no wonder why many of us are working hard to reduce our environmental impact where we can.

Whether that’s through being more aware of how much energy/water activities such as laundry or showering requires, or understanding the efficiency of our home appliances, there are many ways we can all make a difference.

At AKW, a number of our products are designed to be gentler on the environment by using less water and/or electricity, which in turn can also benefit our wallets. Here are some examples…

AKW bidet


AKW Bidet

Bidets are a great way to reduce our water consumption and help to lessen the effects of deforestation, simply because they do not require the user to use

toilet paper. Research has shown that to produce one roll of toilet paper, we require 680 grams of wood and 168 litres of water. The average person, with no additional care needs, is expected to go through at least one roll a week, so you can see why installing a bidet, like the AKW Bidet, could have such a positive impact on the environment.

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electric shower

AKW Electric Showers

 Electric showers can help to save on utility bills in multiple ways. Firstly, as they use electricity to heat water and only heat the water used, they’re often cheaper to run than mixer showers. They typically use less water than mixers too, which is great if your water bill is measured by a meter.

Our range of Electric Showers includes our intuitive iTherm with LED-display, and our two innovative SmartCare models which incorporate a wide range of care features, making them ideal for those with reduced mobility, dementia, or visual impairment.

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AKW Sanitaryware

The cisterns in our Livenza Plus, Navlin, and Navlin Doc M sanitaryware collections are fitted with accessible spatula lever or raised push button flushes. Both offer full and reduced flush options for greater water efficiency, allowing

the user to be more water conscious and choose the reduced flush when they feel appropriate, saving litres of water with each flush.

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Interested in learning more about decreasing water and/or energy usage and reducing household bills?

The AKW Water & Energy Cost Saving Guide gives practical tips which can lead to environmental and financial savings, over time.

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