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22 Apr 2016

What is a Wet Room Former?

- Written by Ash Bath

Put simply, a wet room former is a shower tray that sits under the tiling or the type of floor that you have in your wet room. Its purpose is to create enough of a fall for water to drain out of the wet room whilst, at the same time, making sure that the wet room floor is a level surface and there are no tripping hazards.

At AKW, we have a wide range of different formers and as there is no single former that is suitable for everyone, some of these different formers for the domestic wet room are the TriForm, SureForm, DuraForm and for the care and adaptations market we have the Tuff Form. The Tuff Form works equally effectively for wooden or solid floors, and allows you to create a wet room of your choice whether that is stylish, practical, and affordable or just to fit your personal needs and wants. The Tuff form has a maximum weight capacity if 40St or 245Kg and is also fully recyclable. The Tuff Form was the first wet room former to win a PAS 2050 Carbon Footprint Certificate.

So whether it be as part of an adaptation or for a new luxury wet room in the home, the key is picking the right wet room former for your needs. The 5 key questions to consider are:

  • What weight does the former need to support?
  • Will you be tiling or using vinyl flooring?
  • How much water will you need to drain from the shower?
  • What are the needs of the user?
  • What is your budget?

No matter what you’ve answered to the above questions, here at AKW we have a wet room former that is right for you. You can view our wet rooms ranges here.

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