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22 Apr 2016

Wet Room Myths

- Written by Ash Bath

Wet rooms have been growing in popularity recently and look set to continue to do so. However, despite the rise in wet room installation, the myths surrounding wet rooms haven’t been erased. Alongside their fashionable look, wet rooms provide many key benefits. This blog will run through the most common misconceptions about wet rooms and prove why they are not to be believed.

Myth 1 – Wet rooms have to be downstairs

Many believe that wet rooms can only be installed downstairs. Our strong formers result in wet rooms being able to be fitted in any space in the home, upstairs or downstairs and on most types of floors.

Myth 2 – Wet rooms leak

It is widely believed that wet rooms leak. The FormSafe dry tanking system from AKW is guaranteed leak-proof for the life of the tile that is installed on top and it is now incredibly easy to fit. The former gently slants and tiles are fitted over, following the slant, to guide the water into the drain and prevent flooding. Provided you hire an experienced contractor, a wet room can be installed in no time and be completely leak proof.

Myth 3 – Wet rooms are only suitable for big bathrooms

If you want a wet room installed, you don’t need to worry about the size of your bathroom. It can be more beneficial to have a smaller bathroom as it utilises the space whereby before you may not have had space for a conventional shower tray.

Myth 4 – The whole room will get wet

The whole room doesn’t have to get wet. Glass screens can be added around the shower to protect your toilet paper, towels and the rest of the room from getting soaked. Underfloor heating can also be added under the tiles so that water evaporates more quickly, making your wet room dry in no time.

Myth 5 – You can’t unclog a wet room drain

Wet room drains can seem difficult to clean, but with built in top access and easy-to-unscrew drains, unclogging the drain of a wet room is made easy.

Myth 6 – A wet room will reduce the value of my home

Some say changing your bathroom into a wet room may make your home less valuable, however, getting rid of a shower cubicle or bath can create a more open plan area and can be a clever way to turn a relatively small bathroom into a stylish one with a feeling of space and potentially increase the value of your home.

Myth 7 – Wet rooms are slippery and dangerous

Although a wet, tiled floor may seem daunting and dangerous, with non-slip tiles correctly fitted, a wet room can provide a completely safe shower area. Without having to step in and out of a bath or shower, the risk of tripping is also decreased.

Wet rooms are much more than a standard bathroom and can increase a property’s value and help prepare a home for multi-generational use where children, adults and the elderly can all enjoy a great looking and safe bathroom.

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