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20 Apr 2016

Wet Room Popularity Set to Soar

- Written by Ash Bath

The wet room market has been increasing massively over the last few years and this is only set to skyrocket. AMA Research have concluded that by the year 2020 the wet room/walk in shower market will be 34% bigger than it is today in 2015. They’re forecasting a 6-7% growth year on year.

It’s estimated that around 5% of all UK homes have a wet room already installed, but with the increasing awareness around multi-generational living, people building their own homes and with a shift in styles this small percentage is set to expand exponentially over the next 5 years.

There has been stigma in the past surrounding wet rooms as there are a certain number of wet room myths which are now consistently being dispelled by manufacturers like AKW and by top quality installers who have great faith in the products and their installation methods.

Whether installing a wet room former that can be fully tiled over, or a level access shower tray, it’s clear that the demand is shifting to wet room showering and away from the traditional bath tub, not only from an accessibility and style point of view, but as this option can actually increase the value of a home.

AKW has a comprehensive selection of wet room and level access showering products that not only look great (for both care adaptations and domestic installation) but are priced incredibly competitively, meaning the installer can charge less for an installation and the whole process becomes more cost effective for the resident.

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