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23 May 2016

Wet Rooms Are Growing in Popularity

- Written by Ash Bath

Wet rooms are growing in popularity

It’s a fact most likely borne out by your own customers’ enquiries and orders: demand for wet rooms is increasing. A recent survey by AMA Research reported that installation of wet rooms grew by 4% in 2014, and is likely to grow by up to 7% over the next two years.

Why is this happening? As a nation, we’ve long been content with traditional bathrooms. Yet we’re now realising that wet rooms offer advantages to everyone – from physically able to elderly or disabled.

Design-driven appeal

Until recently, a wet room belonged to the more exotic builds on TV’s Grand Designs or was something you encountered in an upmarket hotel. At the other end of the scale, you might find one in a hospital or care home. The simple fact is a wet room is both aspirational and stylish, and safe and convenient.

The UK’s ageing population might be reason enough to see a rise in the installation of wet rooms, with greater numbers of elderly and infirm people needing their practicality and easy access. But others also appreciate wet rooms’ space-saving layout and ergonomic efficiency.

Increasing confidence

Another contributing factor is that customers today feel more at ease with the idea of a wet room. Concerns about potential floods, leaks or damp problems have been allayed by the number of successful installations, achieved by builders’ increasing expertise and experience in this area, and the quality of solutions and materials stocked by merchants.

Supplying quality

The construction and effectiveness of key wet room products, such as floor formers and trays, is now proven and sophisticated, with the most reputable suppliers such as AKW also providing comprehensive guidance and support. These days installers can take on a wet room job with confidence that materials will be fully up to the task, and designed to make the task as straightforward as possible.

Varied and versatile

There’s also a wider choice than ever before. With greater emphasis on style and appearance, there’s no longer any sense that installing a wet room, say for less physically able customers, should be a design compromise. Quite the opposite – those who may be physically or mentally disadvantaged can enjoy contemporary appeal and upmarket good looks, as well as comfort and convenience.

The AMA report predicts the market for wet rooms will have grown by 34% by 2019, compared to 2014 levels. That’s a significant expansion, and suggests that for many people, of all physical and mental abilities, the age of the bath and the conventional shower has passed, and the era of the wet room has well and truly arrived.

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