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20 Apr 2016

Wet Rooms vs Baths

- Written by Ash Bath

The battle is on! Here at AKW we have looked into the benefits of both wet rooms and bathrooms, but which would be the better option?

Whilst wet rooms are on the rise it’s time to ask the question: are baths necessary? If you answer no, would a wet room benefit you? Here is what we found out.

What are the benefits?

Care – Taking the needs of others into account, a wet room makes it possible for everyone to live an independent life. With level access in the room, it makes it accessible for wheelchair users and those that might need extra help getting into the shower. With this in mind, a wet room makes assisted care possible in the homes of those that need it and it increases the safety of disable users with its non-trip guarantee.

Design – Stylish and stunning designs available means you are able to express yourself, creating your own individual room. With great space saving ideas their simplicity and practicality benefits you as the rooms look great and are also really easy to clean.

Protection –Waterproofing your bathroom eliminates the risk of facing leaks in your home.  With a wet room, you get a 100% watertight guarantee meaning you no longer have to worry. But not only that by having a waste kit fitted below the floor you will be looking forward to the quick draining system that has been put into place.

Installation – Professionally fitted wet rooms can be installed in any size room, meaning that before you start worrying you can’t have one fitted, think again. Able to maximise any size space (upstairs or down), you can look forward to bringing a simple but attractive feel to your bathroom.

Value for money – Once fitted, an AKW wet room has a guarantee which lasts the life time of the tiles used, meaning replacements won’t be needed.  One change that WILL be made, is to the value of your home. If you have a smart and stylish wet room, the price of your home could go up when it comes to selling.

…and your winner, by unanimous decision is…


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