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23 May 2016

Wetroom Alternatives to Screeding

- Written by Ash Bath

Wet room alternatives to screeding

To screed or not to screed – what’s best for a wet room? Good screeding demands practice and skill to achieve a perfectly level floor, while incorporating the right gradient to the drain. It also takes considerable care and time to achieve a totally waterproof result.

Time, then, to consider alternatives to screed for a wet room.

What are your choices?

All good merchants will be able to suggest a variety of other methods and products. Some, such as grids, make the process a little easier by establishing the initial gradient to the drain, but still require accurate screeding.

Consider the customer’s needs

There are various boards and decks available, which also vary in their ease of fitting. It’s also worth bearing in mind that not all boards or decks will withstand the weight and concentrated pressure points of a wheelchair.

Give me strength

The best merchants will point you towards one of the high quality wet room floor formers available from AKW. AKW has supplied materials for over one million wet room installations, so these are proven products. In fact, their TriForm and Tuff Form former ranges both have lifetime guarantees. Good to know, as you don’t want to have to do the job twice!

Look for versatility

These formers are available in different preformed sizes to suit the room, and are designed from the outset for easy installation. They also offer different options for waste flow, and can adapt to any location.

They are robust enough to support a user in their wheelchair and a carer, simultaneously. All that’s required are a few strategically placed noggins to provide reinforcement, particularly around the waste. Then the installation is completed with tanking, underfloor heating if required, and the final finish – as you would with any flooring system.

Don’t come unstuck

You may be tempted to bypass the former and build a plywood floor on a suitably prepared sub-floor. But that’s fiddly and the end result won’t be as strong or long lasting as a rigid former. Any flex in the floor could see cracks develop in your grouting if you’re using tiles, leading to damp and leakage problems.

Take the practical route

For traditionalists, screeding may still be the only way. But for those who need to crack on against tight deadlines and budgets, alternatives such as Tuff Form from AKA present a very practical alternative, that works as well, looks as good and will probably last even longer.

For more information about the Level Best wet room shower system from AKW incorporating the Tuff Form former, or the TriForm linear former range, simply call one of our experts on 01905 823299 or email sales@akw-ltd.co.uk

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