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24 Jul 2018

What makes a Super OT?

- Written by Ash Bath

Here at AKW we truly do support the community of Occupational Therapists, we even like to hand out T-shirts and all sorts of freebies to our Super OTs, because they are just that… Super!

Here’s what we think makes a #SuperOT

Exceptional People Skills

We don’t mean just having empathy, we mean talking from experience and also having the skills to keep a conversation going in the right direction. Can you say things that can put a smile on peoples faces, even in their darkest hour? OTs have to talk to people from all walks of life and do so in a way that makes them feel included and important.

Mental Strength

Can you carry a heavy load… mentally? A SuperOT keeps their mental game on point, which includes keeping your cool and staying strong when faced with upsetting situations. This could be the difference between adequate care and unsatisfactory care and a SuperOT will always endeavor to remain mentally strong.


Patience is a virtue. Having patience ensures OTs  don’t lose their rocket every time something doesn’t go to plan. There are a huge number of barriers that can be put up that stop an Occupational Therapist from being able to do what they need for their clients, but patience combined with a bit of creativity (mentioned below) will always help things get done.


As mentioned above, the final thing that we think makes an OT become a SuperOT is being creative. At times, this is needed so much more than any of the above qualities. Being creative will help you not only solve problems, but also help you come up with new solutions and methods of safe practice. Aside from that, you can entertain your patients with your creative flair and maybe even inspire them. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation! So there you have it, that’s what WE think makes a SuperOT, but if you think we’ve missed something, you can follow us on Twitter at @AKWcares and use the #SuperOT hashtag to tell us what you think makes a SuperOT!

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