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08 Mar 2018

What to look for when choosing a care home

- Written by Chris

Choosing the right care home for yourself, a family member or a client can be a quite daunting prospect, at the end of the day it’s always a difficult decision to make. However, here at AKW, we like to make sure that things are made as accessible as possible, for everyone – even information!

So, what do you need to look for in a care home?


This is a very important aspect of care-homes, although it doesn’t interfere with the structure of the care home or the facilities per-se, nutrition is an important consideration for everyone. As people get older as they may require more vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. By inspecting the quality of the cooking and meals you can quickly derive whether the care-home is suitable. It’s also worth looking at the taste of the menu on offer, if they don’t serve the kinds of foods you or the new resident like… it may not be the most enjoyable of stays.

Staff to Patient Ratio

No matter whether this is a care home with hundreds of residents or just a handful, it’s important that the property has enough staff to manage the number of residents. That’s nothing on those wonderful people who run the place from top to bottom, but it just may be a sign that it isn’t right for whoever is considering moving in, especially if they have additional needs that a small team cannot handle.

Wet Room Facilities

Well… as wet room specialists we know a thing or two about this subject. At AKW, we are a firm believer in accessibility – meaning that in terms of functionality you should look for features that promote independence and offer a futureproof solution to all bathroom requirements. Even if grab rails and level access showering isn’t needed right now, it’s always good to know that the care home has provisioned for the future.

Visiting Times

For many, this may be the most important thing for the whole family to know – when can you go and spend some quality time with the person who has become a resident. Unfortunately, due to the nature of some homes, visiting may be limited, which could cause some loneliness issues, which is the newest silent epidemic in Britain. As more older people in Britain are alone as each year goes on, we want you to be able to make a change to that statistic. A care home with open and flexible visiting hours could be just the tonic.

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