Ordering & Deliveries

Throughout the last few years we have made huge changes to the way that our ordering and delivery process works. Now, we are proud to boast the following accomplishments:

  • Increased Productivity across the whole process
  • Purpose built Customer Collection area – for added convenience
  • Vast IT Upgrades & Development – Improving accuracy and allowing tracking
  • The creation of our own dedicated transport network

We have achieved these feats by utilising the below departments in the optimum way, meaning that from the moment you pick up the phone to place your order, right through to when it arrives at your chosen delivery address, the process is quick, simple and painless for you.

Customer Service Centre

We currently have 25 staff members who handle the phone and email orders. The 25 person strong centre is made up of 2 teams (Northern and Southern) who will handle orders from their region.

  • We currently handle 800 to 900 calls per day
  • Which equates to around 450 orders and 190 quotes per day
  • Abandoned call rate is currently at just 2.2%
  • The teams average call wait is just 12 secs
  • We also boast a Technical Helpline – to answer any questions about our products/installation you may have, before or after purchase

View our Customer Service page to find out more or to get in touch. Looking to make an order? Visit our Orders Page.


We have a team of highly trained, expert Technical Customer Support Assistants available from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday to help you with any technical queries you may have on our products.

Please call 01905 560219  if you would like to speak with our customer services or email technicalenquiries@akw-ltd.co.uk.


As part of our reorganisation in the warehousing department, we have incorporated completely new racking which has included a full relabelling of all product locations. This has allowed us to speed up our picking and packing process and has integrated perfectly with the introduction of the Delta Warehouse Management System and MHE Fork Trucks. Not only is the system now much more fluid, but as each product is scanned using the Delta scanners, you can track your order at every point from our warehouse racks to your front door.

Nationwide Delivery Service