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Arka Cool Touch Mixer Shower

Product Details

  • Extremely safe due to thermostatic cartridge and cool touch technology
  • Stainless steel grab riser rail can support up to 150kg for additional support and peace of mind
  • Three spray pattern settings for maximum showering comfort
  • Easy-push buttons for shower head height adjustments
  • Easy-to-grip handles for those with limited dexterity
  • Soap dish / shelf included as standard and situated within easy reach for user
  • Additional shower head bracket for alternative positioning within the enclosure
  • Hose retaining ring integral within soap dish prevents shower head being dropped and contaminated from contact with other areas
  • The valve can be set to comply with TMV2 specification (max. 41 degrees) and will comply if set correctly + Temperature can be overridden to achieve warmer temperature if required
  • Longer reach 2m hose provides greater flexibility and is especially useful for assisted showering
  • Rounded levers on the main body preventing risk of injury if someone was to fall
  • Independently operated flow and temperature controls for safer use

Product Description

The AKW Arka Care Cool Touch TMV2 Mixer Shower and Kit allows a safe and enjoyable experience whilst showering. The cool touch thermostatic technology ensures the main body is safe to touch – whilst the temperature of the water is kept to the UK regulation.

Product Variations

Arka Cool Touch Mixer Valve
Arka Cool Touch Mixer Shower with Care Kit

Specification Sheets

Arka Cool Touch BIM Model

Arka Cool Touch Specification Sheet

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