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Easy Clean Shower Head

Product Details

  • Simple and easy to dismantle to individually clean components
  • Minimal complications with removing the faceplate for quick and easy cleaning
  • Simple 3 component construction (body, nozzles, faceplate)
  • Removable faceplate designed with three removal assist tabs
  • Single mode shower head
  • Supplied with two faceplates white and grey and these are also available to purchase separately (as spares)
  • Compatible with all AKW mixer and electric showers
  • Chrome finished body
  • Behind the faceplate the inside is hollow with no inner-workings or crevices for bacteria to form around

Product Description

The AKW easy clean shower head has been designed for use when hygiene is the top priority, as it facilitates regular and efficient cleaning through its unique removable faceplate. This shower head is available as an optional extra for all AKW Electric and Mixer showers.

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Easy Clean Shower Head

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