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Eco-Save Mixer Shower

Product Details

+ NHS, DO8 and TMV3 approved

+ Achieve water and energy savings by up to 70%

+ Anti scald cut off within 0.2 seconds

+ Manufactured with no built in obsolescence, parts available for 25 years

+ Anti-tamper temperature control set at 38°C

+ Water temperature at discharge point is no more than 41°C

+ Ergonomically shaped controls for ease of use

+ Water saving shower head, supplies a maximum of 8 litres per minute @ 6 bar with a 1150mm riser rail and 1500mm hose for assisted bathing

+ 98% recyclable, 100% of production waste is recycled

+ Intended for use on water systems 1.0 bar and above

+ Anti-legionella mixer shower option available ideal for low use areas. Standard shower heads and hoses normally retain water, which, if left for a period of time provides growth conditions for thedevelopment of legionella

Product Description

Contour Ecosave mixer shower is the only thermostatic & pressure balancing mixer shower, designed to be the safest, anti-scald value for money mixer shower available.

The stylish shape of the Ecosave mixer shower compliments the unique functions and the environmental friendly aspects which distinguish this mixer shower. A cleverly engineered technique saves water and energy without compromising on comfort . Anti-Legionella mixer shower option available for low usage environments.

Product Variations

Eco-save Mixer Shower
Eco-save Mixer Shower Exposed Kit
Eco-save Mixer Shower Anti-legionella

Specification Sheets

Contour Eco-save mixer shower specification sheet

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